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Child Support


Georgia judges determine child support based primarily on children's reasonable needs, and the parents' combined income. Courts use the Child Support Guidelines to come up with a Basic Child Support Obligation (“BCSO”), which is the starting point for determining a final child support amount. Each parent is generally responsible for a portion of the BCSO based on their share of both parents' combined income. The judge will then make adjustments to the BCSO or a parent's child support obligation based on other factors. Courts consider many factors when calculating child support, including each of the following:

  • childcare expenses
  • health insurance
  • unreimbursed medical expenses
  • private school expenses in some cases
  • a child's disability
  • parents' high income, and
  • any other factors that the court deems relevant to child support.

Failure to pay child support according to a court order can result in judge holding a parent in contempt of court. In some cases, failing to financially support a child may also result in criminal charges of “abandonment.” As a prominent Georgia judge once explained, “The child eats before the parent eats.”

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How Does Child Support Work in Georgia?

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