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Aaron Thomas Speaks on the "I Now Pronounce You..." Podcast

Attorney Aaron Thomas joined the "I Now Pronounce You..." Podcast where he answered questions about the road to divorce. He also discussed the stigma around prenuptial agreements and why every married couple should have one. You can listen to the episode here.

"I Now Pronounce You..." Podcast Cover


Aaron Thomas Interview with Shoutout Atlanta

Attorney Aaron Thomas was recently interviewed by Shoutout Atlanta, where he discussed how started as well as the best food spots in Atlanta! You can read the interview here.


Aaron Thomas on the "Learn to Love" Podcast

Attorney Aaron Thomas recently spoke on the Learn to Love Podcast where he discussed the topic "Should We Get a Prenup?" Listen below as he covers:

What leads couples on the path to divorce?
When, and why, should a couple get a prenuptial agreement?
What are some good financial strategies for spouses to have?

You can listen here.

Aaron Thomas on "The Managing Partners" Podcast

Attorney Aaron Thomas spoke on The Managing Partners Podcast by Array Digital where he discussed his expertise and what trends are helping grow his firm. You can watch it here.


Aaron Thomas on The LegalEase Marketing Live Stream: Exhibit (A)ttorney Show

While speaking on the LegalEase Marketing Live Stream: Exhibit (A)ttorney Show, Aaron Thomas revealed a way to get valuable content ideas for your law firm. Take a listen below--

Aaron Thomas on "The Lovers' Lounge" Podcast

Attorney Aaron Thomas was recently a guest on the Lover's Lounge Podcast where he discussed common challenges that often lead couples to divorce. He spoke on several topics, including how to find the right lawyer to handle your case, questions that you need to ask yourself before filing, and how same-sex divorce may be similar or different. Take a listen here.

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Aaron Thomas on "Marriage Can Win" Podcast

Our very own Attorney Aaron Thomas recently appeared on the Marriage Can Win podcast where he discussed prenups and how they can actually help your relationship. Listen here.

Senior Counsel Dale Cecka's Publishes Book

We are so very proud of our Senior Counsel Dale Cecka! Her book, Family Law: Theory, Practice, and Forms, 2021 ed. (Vol. 9, Virginia Practice Series™), has just been published. The book presents the existing Virginia blackletter law and discusses the law's underlying rationale and practical application in court. It also:

  • Provides guidance regarding strategic legal alternatives
  • Gives suggestions for persuasively pleading and proving remedies before the court
  • Includes a Table of Laws and Rules and a Table of Cases

You can find out more about the book here. Congratulations, Dale!

The cover of Family Law, Theory, Practice, and Forms, 2020 by Virginia Practice

Love & Money ... Money & Divorce - Attorney Thomas Featured on SmartPath's Webinar

Attorney Aaron Thomas recently spoke in SmartPath's webinar titled "Love & Money ... Money & Divorce". Here's a clip where he discussed the difference between marital and separate property:

Below, you'll find timestamps for each topic. Click here to access to whole webinar.

1:35 - How I got into Family Law

3:05 - Georgia Prenups discussion

5:30 - Starts answering questions

5:40 - Beginning of Relationship Concerns

7:15 - Joint and Separate Accounts/ Yours, Mine, and Ours

9:45 - Proportionate Contributions to Marital Expenses

10:50- Avoiding Resentment by Having Financial Discussions Upfront

13:10 - How to Prep for an Upcoming Divorce

14:43 - Difference Between Marital and Separate Property

16:50 - Inheritance as Marital Property

18:10 - Debt in Divorce

21:10 - Timeline of a Divorce/ Process of a Divorce Case

27:15 - How Does Child Support Affect a Divorce Case?/ How Child Support works

28:55 - Alimony

30:40 - Terms of Alimony

31:30 - How to Prove Adultery

34:00 - Why Settling Your Case is Best

35:08 - Modifications/Recalculating Child Support

36:57 - Businesses in Divorces

39:50 - How Child Custody Affects Divorce

41:45 - What is included in a prenup? + Prenup Myth Busting

49:07 - When to Do a Postnuptial Agreement?

49:50 - Cost of Prenup/Postnup

50:49 - How to Look for a Family Law Attorney

53:00 - How do Retainers/ Lawyer Payments Work?

55:15 - Can One Attorney Represent Two People?

Pro Bono Star Award

We are proud to announce that our very own, Attorney Elizabeth Raskin, has been awarded with the Pro Bono Star Award from Atlanta Legal Aid! She has been recognized for her commitment to advocate on behalf of victims of domestic violence. Congratulations, Liz!

Elizabeth Raskin

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