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Love & Money ... Money & Divorce - Attorney Thomas Featured on SmartPath's Webinar

Posted by Aaron Thomas | Feb 16, 2021

Attorney Aaron Thomas recently spoke in SmartPath's webinar titled "Love & Money ... Money & Divorce". Here's a clip where he discussed the difference between marital and separate property:

Below, you'll find timestamps for each topic. Click here to access to whole webinar.

1:35 - How I got into Family Law

3:05 - Georgia Prenups discussion

5:30 - Starts answering questions

5:40 - Beginning of Relationship Concerns

7:15 - Joint and Separate Accounts/ Yours, Mine, and Ours

9:45 - Proportionate Contributions to Marital Expenses

10:50- Avoiding Resentment by Having Financial Discussions Upfront

13:10 - How to Prep for an Upcoming Divorce

14:43 - Difference Between Marital and Separate Property

16:50 - Inheritance as Marital Property

18:10 - Debt in Divorce

21:10 - Timeline of a Divorce/ Process of a Divorce Case

27:15 - How Does Child Support Affect a Divorce Case?/ How Child Support works

28:55 - Alimony

30:40 - Terms of Alimony

31:30 - How to Prove Adultery

34:00 - Why Settling Your Case is Best

35:08 - Modifications/Recalculating Child Support

36:57 - Businesses in Divorces

39:50 - How Child Custody Affects Divorce

41:45 - What is included in a prenup? + Prenup Myth Busting

49:07 - When to Do a Postnuptial Agreement?

49:50 - Cost of Prenup/Postnup

50:49 - How to Look for a Family Law Attorney

53:00 - How do Retainers/ Lawyer Payments Work?

55:15 - Can One Attorney Represent Two People?

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