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Attorney Aaron Thomas Answers Your COVID-19/Family Law Questions on the Jim Paisley Podcast

Posted by Aaron Thomas | Apr 20, 2020

Attorney Aaron Thomas was featured as a guest on The Jim Paisley Podcast where he covered big family law topics, including co-parenting and divorce during COVID-19. Listen using the link below and view the timestamps below for help finding the topics most important to you.

What effect is COVID-19 having on families? - 7:40

Tips for co-parenting during COVID-19- 14:53

Things to avoid while co-parenting during COVID-19 - 17:54

What to do if you're considering divorce during COVID-19 - 29:05

The 4 parts of a divorce case - 33:42

How does alimony work in GA? - 37:28

How does infidelity affect alimony? When is it okay to move on? - 47:49

Can you have marital relations with your spouse during your divorce case? - 50:18

How long do divorce cases last? - 54:35

How much does a divorce cost? - 55:50

How prenuptial and postnuptial agreements lessen the chance of divorce - 1:00:21

What options do you have if you or you and your spouse cannot afford a divorce? - 1:07:00

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