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S. L. Recommends Aaron Thomas

When I decided to end my marriage, Aaron was highly recommended to me by several attorneys in the Atlanta area for his professionalism and expertise in family law. I saw this firsthand. The stress and anxiety of going to trial or mediation was too much, so I was relieved to have Aaron there to fight for me. He created a safe space for me to tell my story without any judgment. With his calm, reassuring tone, he showed me how to put my emotions aside and get down to business. Aaron's videos explained the divorce process step-by-step so there were no surprises. His staff was so helpful in keeping everything moving and meeting all the court deadlines. He recouped most of my retirement savings I had put into the family home and got my alimony extended. Thanks to Aaron, I got what I needed to maintain my lifestyle and rebuild. Divorce can be a very difficult journey. I am grateful to Aaron and his staff for guiding and protecting me along the way.

– S. L.

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